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Center for Integrative Medicine
Gerson Medical Center
We are known as The Gerson Hospital and The International Center for Integrative Medicine.

The Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico SA, 'CHIPSA'
is the most established, licensed medical care facility in
Baja California, Mexico providing advance integrative medicine, specializing in immuno-nutrition therapies.
The CHIPSA hospital is the legacy medical institution of
the official Gerson+Therapy originated by
Max B. Gerson, MD, Founder of Immunonutrition.
We apply the most advance treatment for individuals whose healthcare require positive results to address late-stage degenerative disease.
The Gerson Medical Center is mission focused on
compassionate, patient-center care focused on proven,
life-saving protocols and immune-enhancing therapies.

CHIPSA™ Gerson Clinic reaffirms their status as the first Gerson clinical practice in the world of healthcare.
We recognize the unique relationship between physician and patient,
and are committed to provide the best integrative medical care under
expert supervision by engaging sustainable outcomes with the most advance immunotherapy protocols available.

Immuno-Nutrition: Beneficial
Effects in Surgical Patients

WHO / Elder Nutrition Study
Gerson Protocol
Gerson's History and Therapy
Rejuvenating by Gerson Therapy

Patient Admission Information
Within the context of medical science, CHIPSA offers the advance nutritional detoxification protocols developed by immunonutritionist
Max Gerson, MD.
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CHIPSA Gerson Medical Center
#670, Colonia Jardines del Sol
Playas Tijuana, Mexico C.P. 22700

Hospital Facility / Clinic Office:

Hospital FAX:
Patient Services: (877) 424-4772
Information Services: (800) 759-2966

CHIPSA / Centro Hospitalrio Internacional Pacifico, SA / Gerson Hospital, is the founding medical clinic for immunonutrition, developed by Dr. Gerson, MD, founder of Immunonutrition. The practice is known for the many contributions for the treatment of chronic, degenerative, infectious disease, as an established, licensed medical care facility providing patient-centered integrative medical care by applying immunonutrition protocols through informed evidence.

Integrative Medicine (IM), according to the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine, defines the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between physician and patient, focuses on the whole person, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches that are informed by evidence. It is important to differentiate IM from complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which is associated with IM therapies for which much of the evidence is still unsettled. CHIPSA / Center for Integrative Medicine practices and seeks to help clarify these evolving issues for health professionals with best-evidence practice, resulting outcomes, medicine, clinical articles and research oriented application.

Medical Research
Modern immunonutrition therapies are being advanced according to modern medical practice in reference to the NIH and similar institutions worldwide.