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“My wife and I looked at alternative methods for treatment. At least a dozen different organizations were contacted and the information we received was reviewed carefully. The only option that appeared logical was the Gerson Therapy.”

We practice some of the most advance medical proceedures in immunotherapy and nutrition that present positive results far superior to chemotherapy and radiology currently offered as the only options available in standard western medicine.

CHIPSA respects that every patient should be given unique, integrative healthcare for the best chance for a positive outcome.

CHIPSA / Gerson Hosptital / Gerson Medical Center
We are known as the Gerson Hospital

CHIPSA (Centro Hospitalario Internacional del Pacifico, S.A.) is a full service community hospital caring for families with sick and injured within the ocean-front suburb of Playas de Tijuana. CHIPSA's special research license permits it to offer investigational cancer therapies on a compassionate basis. Since inception in 1979, CHIPSA Gerson integrative medical practice has become world renown and has been long identified as the home of Mexico' Center for Integrative Medicine and Research.

Our founding legacy, Gerson Thearpy, represents the original medical practice of immuno-nutrition therapy developed by Max B. Gerson, M.D. (founder of immunonutrition) known for his many contributions to address chronic, degenerative and infectious disease, as well as the documentation and remission of cancer treatment.


Dr. Gerson's diet therapy was introduced in Mexico in 1977 with the dedication of several beds at the Hospital La Gloria. Both the treatment's initial successes and popular demand prompted the opening of a second facility in 1979, the Hospital Jardines de la Mesa. The economic downturn of the 1980's led to the merger of these facilities. Following a major fire that seriously damaged the La Gloria facility, a temporary location was established at Hospital Del Sol in Playas de Tijuana. Within five years, the medical practice moved to new facilities at Centro Hospitalario Internacional del Pacifico, S.A. (CHIPSA), a full service community hospital, where it has made its home for nearly twenty years.

Throughout this time, the cancer therapy developed by Dr. Gerson has remained a foundation for the management of cancer and other chronic and degenerative diseases. Modern chemoprevention research into phytochemicals has led to more precise understanding and to refinement of the approach. Today, the seminal contributions of Dr Gerson continue to grow in importance as vaccine-based immunotherapy comes of age, because nutritional control improves the immune system's responsiveness.


The medical practice of CHIPSA collaborated with the Gerson Institute for 18 years until 1996, when the Gerson Institute chose to pursue other options. In spite of Dr Max Gerson's endorsement of vaccine-based immunotherapies, the Gerson Institute was unsupportive; with its departure, CHIPSA and the Gerson Research Organization (GRO) moved immediately to follow Dr Gerson's suggestion to integrate diet therapy with the Coley Fluid.

Shortly thereafter, Dr Josef Issels joined with CHIPSA and GRO to establish a methodology for integrative immunotherapy focusing on cancer and other chronic, degenerative, inflammatory diseases. After Dr Issels' death in 1998, CHIPSA and GRO scientists continued to pursue this approach, and do so today, incorporating new findings as they become available.

Our staff organizes educational lectures on immune enhancing lifestyle, broadcast worldwide, and in-hospital instructional activities for patients and their companions. Relatives and friends are encouraged to stay with their loved ones for spiritual support in our 'companion stay' facilities.

CHIPSA holds registration in Mexico to provide medical treatment for human illnesses of the official Gerson Therapy (Marca Registrada # 512646).

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