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Bill Payment / Insurance Claim Services

Please ask a Patient Service representitive for Insurance Claims Filing Services and contact information.

Depending on the type of financing you have, and in order to process your health service costs, CHIPSA Medical Center may need to submit bills to you instead of your insurance company.

We do provide insurance help as you need to assist your claim.
However, we require an 'admitting deposit' at the beginning of your admission to CHIPSA medical facilities, to begin treatment.

Admission Deposit
Payment Information
Health Insurance Billing
Insurance Claim Services
Companion Information


During admission, you will be asked to make an initial deposit (approx. $5,000 plus ten percent Mexican tax). Your individualized treatment plan will be designed by your treating physician and ongoing financial arrangements should be addressed with the CHIPSA Hospital Finance Services. You should anticipate a minimum weekly retainer of approximately $5,000 USD (due at the beginning of each week). A reconciliation of additional treatment costs and special protocols shall be posted frequently and made available upon request. All services are subject to Mexico’s 10% federal tax.


Traveler’s checks or cash are routinely accepted. Please note: CHIPSA does not accept personal checks or insurance assignments cards as forms of payment. Money orders drawn on major international banks, cashier’s checks, bank drafts, and wire transfers are possible only when 'presented and clear' 24 hrs before treatment begins. Limited use of some major credit cards may be available*. Back to top


The average cost of treatment will be around $5,000 per week deposit plus 10% tax ($5,500 USD). Every thing will be itemized for you before your treatment begins. Your medical advisor at the treatment facility will discuss duration of treatment after diagnostic tests. You will have to bring either cash or traveler’s checks. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards until further notice. Please note that all therapy is based upon the patient’s condition and will be modified depending on the assessment of hospital personnel.

If there is a question about your CHIPSA bill, a representative of the billing department will contact you or a member of your family while you are in the hospital. Back to top


CHIPSA may be able to provide medical insurance processing assistance in order to help with reimbursement by your (HMO) insurance company. Additionally, the intermediary processing by 'Insurance Claims Filing Services' shall be made available to all patient prospects.

1. If you do not have insurance: A representative of the patient billing department will discuss financial arrangements with you. Please be aware that you will receive several bills for your stay. Your hospital bill reflects all of the services you received during your stay. You will receive a separate bill from your attending physician and additional separate bills from any specialists who may consult on your care. If you have certain special tests or treatments in the hospital, you also may receive bills for those services.

2. If you have health insurance: We will need a copy of your health insurance identification. Depending on the extent of your coverage and requirements, you may be asked to pay a deposit. Insurance Claims Filing Service is a CHIPSA mediation-cooridination relationship that specializes in the filing of foreign and domestic health insurance claims.

Please ask a Patient Service representitive for Insurance Claims Filing Service contact information and details about this service.

3. If you are a member of an HMO or PPO: It is your responsibility to make sure the requirements of your plan have been met. If your plan’s requirements are not followed, you may be financially responsible for all or part of the services rendered in the hospital. Some physician specialists may not participate in your plan and their services may not be covered. Back to top

Discount plans are available for hospitalization of 4 weeks or longer, if patient is medically stable.

Note: If as long as the patient is a participant in therapy, and the patient is being charged current in-patient hospital fees, their stay will be subject to a percentage-itemization of the treatment(s) for therapies incurred, as they may only receive a percentage of the stated treatments. * Prices are subject to change (per patient visit) with notice, when arrival.


You are encouraged to bring a companion. No individual aspect of the treatment is difficult to understand, but the initial learning curve is quite steep due to the many details involved. Experience has shown that a “buddy system” rather than a “solo effort” is more likely to result in accurate replication of the treatment when you return to your home. Companions will be billed $40+$4 tax per day ($308 per week) for meals, bedding, linens, towels, and toiletries. Back to top

Patient Services: Toll Free (877) 424-4772 or Direct Direct: (619) 565-1105

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