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“Our Clinical Service resources are provided to help you identify the often times, confusing protocols or departments associated with where in our medical care your dear someone may receive the best patient-centered health care possible.”

Patient Center Clinical Services

Clinical Services resources are provided to help you identify integrative medical protocols and the departments associated with choosing where patient care originates from.

At CHIPSA, we understand that your priorities have shifted and the activities that used to occupy your time have lost their urgency while you turn your attention to your health or the health of a loved one.

CHIPSA Gerson Medical Center is known for advance integrative medical care supervised by physicians and staff, particularly for the treatment of rare, complex disorders in areas such as degenrative disease, cancer treatment, immuno-nutrition, transimmunization and tissue regeneration. If you would like assistance finding a physician, please our CHIPSA contact the CHIPSA Patient Services by phone at: (877) 424-4772.

Request an Appointment
To request an outpatient clinic appointment at CHIPSA you may contact the hospital directly. Contact information is available by visiting our list of Patient Services, or contact the CHIPSA information Center, who can assist in providing information on how to access a physician or service at CHIPSA.

Patient Services offers patient representation and a wide range of services for visitors of our seminars and hospital environment. For health insurance information, please visit the following page link regarding health insurance and billing at CHIPSA.

Patient Services: (877) 424-4772
Email: patientservices@chipsa.com

CHIPSA Medical Records
627 H Street, Suite A90, Chula Vista, California 91910
Email: admissions@chipsa.com

Center of Excellence Services

Integrative Medical Center

* CHIPSA Medical Center
* CHIPSA Medical Research
* Integrative Medicine
* Lab Services
* LifeXtra Care
* Oncology (cancer)
* Emergency Medicine (ICU)
* Rehabilitation Services
* The Tumor Board

The Gerson Hospital

* CHIPSA Medical Center
* Gerson Nutrition Center
* Nutrition and Integrative Medicine
— Gerson Research Organization
— Nutrition / Diabetes Education
* Gerson Tumor Board
* Infection Control
* Surgical Services

Patient Services

* LifeXtra Services
* Clinical Services (information)
* Transport Shuttle Program
* Trauma Service

Medical Services

* Blood Center
* Cardiology (cardiovascular medicine)
* Cardiothoracic Surgery
* Colon & Rectal Surgery
* Dermatology
* Endocrinology & Metabolism
* Gastroenterology
* Hematology
* Hepatology
* Infectious Disease
* Internal Medicine
* Kidney & Pancreas Cancer
* Liver Disease
* Nephrology (Kidney)
* Obstetrics
* Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
* Orthopaedic Surgery
* Otolaryngology (ear, nose & throat)
* Pain Management
* Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
* Pigmented Lesion and Melanoma
* Pulmonary Medicine (lung)
* Rheumatology & Immunology
* Sports Medicine
* Stomach & Wound Care
* Urology
* Vascular Surgery

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