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Gerson Research Organization

Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation for Epidemiological Research and Service to Patients and Professionals

The Gerson cancer therapy is an integrated set of medical treatments which has cured many cases of advanced cancer. Essentially, Dr Gerson in the course of 30 years of clinical experimentation applied many various combinations of treatments on cancer patients, always retaining that which was successful and discarding that which was not. Thus, an integrated pattern of treatment which cured many cases of advanced cancer evolved.

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Gerson Overview

Dr. Max Gerson (1881-1959) and his therapy, which involves mainly diet, dominate the subject matter on this web site.

Although most of what you'll read here focuses on cancer, which is what Dr. Gerson concentrated on in the last two decades of his life, many other chronic and systemic diseases have been successfully treated with this therapy. Dr. Gerson developed his therapy initially to cure his own migraines, then evolved it for the rest of his life as he treated patients for migraine, lupus, tuberculosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and finally cancer, among other diseases.

Because cancer, in the view subscribed to here, is just one of many illnesses manifesting the more generic problem of “tissue damage syndrome”, most of what you'll read even in the cancer-centered documents here is applicable to other diseases.

Dr. Gerson's therapy works to restore cellular health in the entire body, including especially the immune system, which fights antibiotic-resistant microbes equally as well as it fights nonresistant ones.

Dr. Max Gerson's 1958 book on cancer is represented, and you can read his 1954 paper summarizing his view that Cancer is a problem of metabolism and summarizing his treatment as it was then.

Our article on how the Gerson therapy heals explains how too much sodium and too little potassium connects with disease and water retention, and how restoring the sodium/potassium balance in cells is crucial to healing.

Read about the history of his approach and the story of his cancer practice after he emigrated from Germany to New York City in 1938.

A famous German surgeon, Ferdinand Sauerbruch, did a large clinical trial at his hospital using Gerson's diet to cure lupus. There is also a 1992 paper about Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

There is a retrospective study on outcomes from treatment of melanoma and a further elaboration on that study.

There is a large bibliography with links to the documents on this site as well as a bibliography subset covering only the documents on the site.

Listen to two lectures by Gar Hildenbrand about cancer and its treatment.

CHIPSA with the expertise of Gar Hildenbrand provide a CTEP (US National Cancer Institute-style) protocol for treatment and evaluation of patients according to the standards of the US National Institutes of Health, and following the basic rules of evidence-based medicine.

Gar Hildenbrand is a member of the advisory boards of several journals listed in the PubMed of the US National of Library of Medicine, and subsets of your extant retrospective data will be immediately publishable. In fact, we have a Gerson-Therapy-outcomes best-case review that will require only minimal input to bring into shape, and we feel that this may be a good first step in the literature. As regards our future collaborative research efforts, we believe that a combination of prospective and retrospective outcomes research, naturally grounded in robust methodology, will ensure the publication of your results in the peer-reviewed literature.

I am eager to tell our colleagues about our renewed international collaborative, and equally eager to hear of your continued efforts to gain multilateral support. Toward this end, we were pleased to provide you with examples of our work both in the literature and with the NIH.

Please call as soon as you are back in town so that we can get together to further evolve our plans.

All personal best wishes,

Gar Hildenbrand,
President & Executive Director

Christeene Hildenbrand,
Vice-President & Director

7807 Artesian Road, San Diego CA 92127-2117
858-759-2966 • FAX 858-759-2502

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