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“We respect that every patient should be given unique,patient-centered care with a best chance for positive outcome.”

Healing Testimonials

My name is Audrey. I had cervical cancer in the early 1970s. I refused surgery, etc. In 1979, I finally found the Gerson Therapy. I was in pretty awful condition by then. I followed the therapy as closely as possible. By 1982, I was totally recovered and felt fabulous. As a matter of fact, I felt like a three year old who wanted to run and dance all the time. Read more >

My name is Patricia Ainey. I live in a small town in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am now 66 years of age and very glad to be alive. In Jan/1986, I was given 3 months to live, from cancer of the pancreas that had spread to the liver, spleen and gallbladder. I was told ... “To go home, get my live in order and prepare my family...” Read more >

Paul W. Scelsi: In 1990, I received a physical examination where the prostrate tests indicated a problem. A sonogram and biopsy revealed 3 malignant sections... Discussions with the doctor led me to believe I had about 5 years to live, whether or not I had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. I told him... “don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Read more >

Moreah Franes: The fall of 1996 found me scrambling with the decision to do a lumpectomy operation on my right breast. A well meaning family encouraged me to do chemotherapy and radiation later, despite my research into natural healing. Even with all this behind me, after almost a year, to my horror, the doctor advised me to get my right breast cut off. Read more >

My name is Trudy Dosch, I am 64 years of age and a former patient of CHIPSA. In October of 2004, I was diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. My doctor in Toronto, Canada gave me 6 months to live and said nothing could be done.bRead more >

My name is Margaret Churchill and I was diagnosed with breast cancer over twenty-five years ago. The doctors here in Pennsylvania gave me the usual route to go — operations, chemotherapy and so forth. Not at all happy with what I had heard about these things, I decided to go the alternative-therapy direction and was I ever glad I did!bRead more >

My name is Ed Anderson. In July of this year I was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer! The option given by a conventional surgeon was to immediately remove my bladder and prostrate. I chose an alternative method offered by CHIPSA in Baja California for a 30-day treatment during August of this year. It's a treatment that saved my life at age 76. Read more >

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