CHIPSA Gerson Medical is an advance
medical facility located in Mexico that treats cancer patients through the implementation of immuno-modulation protocols as they apply dendritic cell therapy integrated with growth-factors for positive life-saving outcomes.
promotes patient-center relationships between physician and patient, and are committed to providing the most cost-effective therapy possible through immunological protocols.
Patient Services: (877) 424-4772
Information: (800) 759-2966
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Center for Integrative Medicine
Immunological Medical Center Pacific, S.A.
We are known as The Gerson Hospital and The International Center for Integrative Medicine.

The Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico SA, 'CHIPSA'
is the most established, licensed medical care facility in
Baja California, Mexico providing advance integrative medicine, specializing in immuno-nutrition therapies.
"Cancer Survivors USA"
Sharon Brockman was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma in the mid-1990s and refused chemotherapy.
She visited CHIPSA and began the Coley's protocol and never saw cancer since.
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The CHIPSA hospital is the legacy medical institution of
the official Gerson+Therapy originated by
Max B. Gerson, MD, Founder of Immunonutrition.
We apply the most advance treatment for individuals whose healthcare require positive results to address late-stage degenerative disease.

Obesity Control Surgery

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia

Tel: (664) 680-2902
Fax: (664) 680-2908
USA (619) 565-1105

CHIPSA Treatment Options

Admission Information

Within the context of medical science,
CHIPSA offers Growth Factor Therapy developed by our medical research asociates in Germany.
Positive Outcomes
My name is Audrey.
I had advance stage cervical carcinoma
in the early 1970s and
I refused surgery...
We lost all hope until we found the Gerson Clinic. Read more >>
Patient Services
Toll Free: (877) 424-4772
Direct: (619) 565-1105

Information Services
Toll Free: (800) 759-2966

CHIPSA Medical Center
Gerson Hospital
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Secc. Jardines Del Sol
Playas de Tijuana, Mexico BC 22505

CHIPSA Office & Facility
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CHIPSA Administrative FAX
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Admission Information (PDF)

CHIPSA (Immunological Medical Center of the Pacific S.A.) is a full service community hospital for families with sick and injured within the ocean-front suburb of Playas de Tijuana.
Additionally, CHIPSA provides the closest and warmest possible doctor-patient relationship. CHIPSA nurses are kind, caring and thoroughly devoted to their patients. CHIPSA offers one attending physician dedicated to you, (personally) avoiding the “specialized medicine” isolation and confusion of today's U.S. hospitals.

Today, CHIPSA's medical practice is focused on growth factor immuno-modulation therapies, immuno-exciting dendritic-cell therapies and the Coley's Fluid treament.

CHIPSA's special research license permits it to offer investigational cancer therapies on a compassionate basis, including Coley Fluid, PUVA photopheresis with tumor-loaded dendritic cell culture (tumor-loaded), nutritional immunotherapy with detoxification (Gerson), polarizing GKI therapy (Sodi-Pallares), cancer-associated-microbe vaccine (CAMV) (Gerlach, Issels), whole-body hydrotherapy hyperthermia.

Dendritic Research
Our work touches all facets of immunology that hold enormous clinical promise. Clinical studies are aiming the immuno-power of dendritic cell at tumors.