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Insurance Claim Filing Services

Please ask a Patient Service representitive for Insurance Claims Filing Service information and contact details about insurance benefit-claims services.

Insurance Claims Filing Service (ICFS) is a mediating-cooridination service specializing in the filing and processing of foreign and domestic health insurance claims.

ICFS specialize in assisting patients in filing for a medical insurance benefit-claims when you you receive medical treatment through CHIPSA in Baja Mexico or any participating CHIPSA medical entity, anywhere in the world.

Questions & Answers
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A major concern of all patients is the extent to which their insurance companies will pay for medical services. Their organization has over 15 years of experience in the insurance coordinating field, and has been successful in collecting 90% of the medical claims that are filed.

Many times patients are not aware of the benefit of coverage that is offered by their medical insurance company. Their benefit confirmation department will begin by confirming the patient's benefits to assess the possibility of an insurance refund, at no charge . Should medical pre-authorization* be needed, their claims administrators will be happy to provide this service, again at no charge . The claims preparation department will then prepare the patient's claim based on the information and charges provided by the doctor's office and/or hospital.

On behalf of patient medical care, Insurance Claims Filing Services will submit the claim to the insurance company. The claim status department will follow up with telephone calls and necessary correspondence to ensure it has been received and the medical claim is being processed properly and quickly. Their medical translations department will translate the patient's medical records should they be required by insurance company.

Some foreign and domestic claims are paid within 4-8 weeks. When the insurance carrier pays the claim, our fee will be payable by the recipient of the funds (you, your doctor, or the hospital ) If a payment for your claim is denied, Insurance Claims Filing Service will take the necessary steps (submission of your claim to a medical review board, appealing, etc.) to reverse the denial. If your insurance company still refuses to pay your claim after we have done everything possible to collect for you, there will be no charge for our services. * Pre-authorization is NOT guarantee of payment.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the fee for ICFS services?
If the insurance company issues payment for the claim, the fee is 15% of the reimbursed amount. If the claim is denied and no reimbursement is issued, there is no charge for filing of the medical claim.

Q: What if the claim is denied?
If the claim is that is filed is denied, the appeals department will immediately begin to file letters of appeal on the patient's behalf. If the appeals process has been exhausted and no reimbursement has been issued, there will be no charge for the filing of the medical claim.

Q: How much (percentage) will my insurance reimburse me for services outside the country?
Each individual's insurance policy is different. It will depend on the benefits details that each member has with their health company.

Q: Which health insurance companies will pay for out of the country services?
Out of the country coverage depends on the specific benefits provided by the members health insurance policy.

Contact Information

Insurance Claims Filing Service
P.O. Box 91036-133, Houston, Texas 77291-1036

Direct: (713) 937-1875
Fax: (713) 937-1921

Gerardo Cantu, Vice President

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