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“Step back and make a conscious choice. Address your current healthcare and give yourself and your family access to the most affordable health care in California. Today you can afford a life changing, life long promise. LifeXtra Health Care.”


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Welcome to LifeXtra Health Care

If you're determined to be healthful, we're determined to help you make a most important life decision — affordable, preventive health care.

The LifeXtra Questionaire & Information Guide gives you access and individual control over the decision process by helping yourself and CHIPSA understand the key points in your health and the decision-making process that you can influence. Your healthcare future is in your hands and this is where CHIPSA is able and willing to provide you and your family healthcare for a nominal, affordable, annual fee.

LifeXtra Connect benefits provide for direct contact with a physician specialist or 'Connect with a Doctor' (via email) contact with CHIPSA. We constantly look for better ways to help you access a visit or learn about proper diet, healthy nutrition and what questions to ask when selecting our health care services and when speaking with a physician.

Use LifeXtra Connect to highlight an immediate health issue and allow us to provide you the initial answers or health care steps you need to understand as you make a positive treatment goal a possibility, and then a reality.

To register or be admitted into the CHIPSA LifeXtra Program, you must take the following steps to Apply & Register through the LifeXtra Questionaire: Steps "one thru five" for program entry and consideration.

Just as it states, this program is aimed at the individual single, person.

This program is available to married couples and their immediate family members, siblings only. We require proof of family sibling relationship.

This program is available to "small businesses" with full-time employees and business owners. We reserve the right to quantify the small business definition as it relates to company size and number of employees. CHIPSA considers businesses of 4 to 40 employees. We require proof of employment to qualify.


This program is available to "small business groups" that are related directly and indirectly through subcontractual business relationship, etc. with full-time employees and include business owners who wish to combine healthcare services. We reserve the right to quantify the small business 'group' definition as it relates to company size and number of 'combined' employees. CHIPSA considers employee numbers of 4 to 40 employees. We require proof of employment to qualify.

LIFEXTRA HEALTH QUESTIONAIRE: There is no right or wrong way to use LifeXtra Questionaire & Information Guide and so it's helpful if you provide simple answers to our questions. We simply wish you to begin organizing your thoughts and experiences that represent your medical condition or the respective individuals we are being asked to consider. As we present you with a series of questions designed to identify health issues please bring out health experiences, dietary habits, responses or symptoms.

As you provide answers to the step-by-step questionaire, you'll notice we left plenty of space for you to detail your responses to the questions. Your responses will be personal windows into all of the elements that shape the way you make decisions—your current treatment regimen, your emotions, your family members and how your physician plays a central role in the decision process. That's why it's important for you to understand how each of these questions weighs on the treatment decisions you may make.

At the end of this exercise, you'll have more knowledge you need to measure your treatment expectations and provide our physicians understanding of your health criteria we may develop together. You may not have the time or the energy to complete the LifeXtra Questionaire in one sitting. Do not be concerned, we made this tool simple and flexible to support your needs. If you're tired or you feel like you need to take a break, simply complete the step you have begun, then return to start your next step.

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