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“Our patient-centered practice addresses your individual needs by providing comfortable,
continuity-of-care by delivering the best positive healing experience.”

Patient Centered Service begins with a positive healing experience.

Patient Services is available to help you understand the difficult and at times confusing options associated with choosing the best medical care.

At CHIPSA, we understand that your life has been turned upside down. Priorities have shifted and the activities that used to occupy your time have lost their urgency while you turn your attention to your health or the health of a loved one. Patient Services resources are designed to help you make the difficult, and often times confusing decisions associated with choosing where to receive care.

We encourage you to fill out the brief Patient Inquiry provided. Please identify an email and a phone number that is the best way to contact you and answer the questions concerning your health.

Please speak with us... If you do not want to address the Patient Inquiry
form but would rather speak with us directly by phone, you may telephone us toll free: (877) 424-4772 to speak with a Patient Service representitive.

We are able to speak with you within seconds as you select the link to the right and then enter your contact phone number of preference. A CHIPSA representative shall be on the phone with you as you await for the human voice connection via VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol.

To request an appointment, you may call the hospital directly. Whether you are exploring treatment options for yourself or someone you love, we know that your experience should not be limited to the time you spend at your doctor's office or in the hospital waiting for traditional medicine to take effect. Our contact information is available by visiting our list of Clinical Services, or contact the CHIPSA information Center, where we can assist in providing information on how to access a physician and find the services at CHIPSA and The Gerson Hospital websites.

You may require healtcare mediation help or we are able to address information about important health matters, frequently asked questions, insurance claims and billing resources for learning more about particular health costs and access to health mediation advice. For health insurance information, please visit the following page regarding Health Insurance and Claims Filing with CHIPSA.

LifeXtra Community and Patient Services offers affordable patient health care and a wide range of health services for visitors to our hospital.

Therefore, please consider LifeXtra Connect which is here to help put you in contact with a CHIPSA doctor through our email access. We can explain some of the unique opportunities that exist for you as a patient at CHIPSA's healthcare environment. Please identify as much information as you may wish, as it will help us address your medical needs much more quickly.

Patient Services: Toll free: (877) 424-4772 or Direct: (619) 565-1105
Email: patientservices@chipsa.com

CHIPSA Medical Records
627 H Street, Suite A90, Chula Vista, California 91910
Email: admissions@chipsa.com
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