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Integrative Medicine: The Mind / Your Body / Our Philosophy

The CHIPSA physicians of the Center of Integrative Medicine and Research believe that many of today's incurable diseases are in many cases incurable due to the limitations of the approach of traditional medicine which address the local manifestations of a disease rather than the cause.

Our patient-centered belief is that in order to heal the body of disease, medicine must concentrate on the body as a whole and the insufficiencies in the various body systems, especially the immune system. Of course, each patient is a unique situation that must be evaluated individually for the proper approach to a possible solution.

The many systems that make up our bodies participate in a wonderfully integrated relationship that we have labeled "life" and the "immune" system. Immunity is the body’s most powerful tool that keeps us healthy and disease free. The condition and functionality of the immune system is the primary factor in the body's fight against all disease.

Among many of the diseases that have been treated successfully by the physicians of CHIPSA are those listed on the immuno-nutritional treatment page. Our CHIPSA Center of Excellence provides for an extensive arsenal to build the body's defense mechanisms as well as to attack disease itself.

Please review the treatment area of our site to learn more about our original 'whole-body' Gerson Immunonutrition as well as various other immune enhancing modalities for disease treatment such as personal vaccines to tissue regeneration to extracorpeal photopheresis.

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